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Japanese Attitude


Japan views the sex industry as any other industry, and views it as a business, “regarding it as necessary, and not necessarily evil”.  Japan has a lax attitude when it comes to the well-being of women in this line of work.  Sex, pornography, and prostitution are all too readily available in Japan.  In a .34 square km. “sex zone” in Tokyo, there are 3,500 sex facilities.  These facilities include anything from porn shops and “lover’s banks”, to karaoke bars and clubs.  There are even schools dedicated to training strippers and porn stars, teaching them sexy dances, as well as techniques to use in the bedroom.  According to the Associated Press, every month, 1,000 illegal pornographic tapes are produced.  Much of this now modern source of prostitution developed from the traditional Geisha.  Although Geisha are described as “persons of art”, providing entertainment, company, and conversation, in many instances, their services go far beyond casual chatting.  And even though Geisha are view on a much more scandalous scale than they actually should, the views of outsiders have created an exotic and sexual image. Omaira Rivera, a social worker at the Embassy of Colombia says, “Japan is a haven for human traffickers given its lax laws and rich economy”.